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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Expansion of Membership Scheme (Sep-Oct 2010)

Risk Management and Financial Planning disciplines have seen ample recognition in the recent years. With more corporations recognizing the need for developing their HR in these areas, a need arises for a robust system of training on vocational grounds in professional manner that can also endorse the expertise of the HR.

With several international bodies developing relevant expertise through their programs, more being achieved is of theoretical nature leaving many of their students in the middle of the ocean to address the challenges faced by their employers and the complex practicalities involved. The result is low return on training or learning investment. This happening since long time now, the employers tend to shy away from training and undervalue the power of knowledge.

Addressing this exactly was the logic behind creation of GII membership scheme. Acknowledging the prior learning of our members, getting them together and providing a platform to discuss the practical issues they face is the key advantage of being connected to GII. A model in which senior members help junior members to grow professionally by way of trainings, forums, seminars and webinars is the core of professional development activities at GII. Not only this, GII also rewards the learning by way of recognition of excellence achieved in the profession.

GII titles are the unique risk and financial planning industry designations awarded in the Middle East based on stringent requirements not only in terms of experience but also on the professional qualifications earned. For the industry, these titles aim to mean expertise based on rock solid knowledge foundations laid down and backed by the population of qualified and shinning industry leaders continually developing and contributing to the knowledge base through a living and very active Continued Professional Development Scheme.

The planned launch of GII membership scheme will ensure true meanings of Professionalism in its members from wider array of Risk and Financial Planning industry. The three levels of membership are Members, Associates and the Fellows. With frequent low cost high quality webinars, opportunities for new writers, guidance on technical matters and state of the art multimedia and technology being used for GII trainings, we are very optimistic that our members together will raise the Middle East risk and financial planning industry growth curve steeper than it was ever before and revive the confidence of the industry in professional trainings.

This is what we call “Power of Knowledge Networking”.